What is appropriate and what is not appropriate for Zoey 101 Wiki. For instructions on editing, please go to FAQ.


  1. When posting comments, do not post in all caps. Using all caps for emphasis is fine, but using all caps in an entire sentences loses the effect, and people can perceive that as shouting.
  2. If your edits include 500 characters or more, leave an edit summary.
  3. Add categories to different pages to keep things organized.
  4. Edit an episode if you've just watched it; otherwise, you might write about something that didn't actually happen.
  5. When editing a talk page, be sure to sign your name using for tildes, like this: ~~~~. This diminishes ambiguity and anonymity.


  1. Inserting false information (this especially goes for putting your name under credits when you obviously weren't in the show or an episode).
  2. Trolling or spamming will get you banned permanently. Spamming includes leaving comments such as JKJJDjkd or >!>!>!. Edits that only have the purpose of earning awards are considered spam. Additionally, do not post a comment saying something like "u suck" or "jsutin beber is dumbbb" or "hi Zoeyy i wish i was your sister call meee!!". That is spamming.
  3. Profanity; Zoey 101 is a kids show, so please do not curse.
  4. No fanfiction; this wiki is for the TV series, not fanfic.
  5. Having an account while being under the age of 13.
  6. Leaving random trivia without showing a source; remember to say something like "In Back to PCA, Nicole explains that Dana left for a European Exchange Program."
  7. Comments that are considered uncivil. Everyone has opinions, and it is okay to debate, but don't flame. These types of comments will be deleted by an administrator, and the user will receive a warning.
  8. Personal opinions or bias when editing episode pages or pairing pages, such as writing "Zoey and Chase make the perfect couple." (which may be true, but in context it shouldn't be used). Writing symbols such as :) :( :| ;) etc. also count as personal opinions. However, this does not apply to comments on articles themselves.
  9. Inserting fan-edited pictures into articles. Don't go and make a picture hazy/blurry or black and white with something like "Quogan!1" captioned on it and add it to a page. An original photo will do.
  10. Advetising a company using this wiki.
  11. Don't bring drama in here. Leave all irrelevent unecessary things that happend outside of Zoey 101 Wiki outside. What happens outside stays outside.
  12. Prejudice, discrimination of sex, race, etc. is not tolerated and will have serious consequences.

Not having read any one of these policies is not an excuse.