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Zoey 101 (series)
Zoey 101.png
Background Information

Teen sitcom, comedy-drama

Created by

Dan Schneider

Opening theme

Follow Me performed by Jamie Lynn Spears


Britney Spears

Country of Origin

United States







Executive Producers

Dan Schneider
Bill O'Dowd


L.A. California

Camera setup

Film, single-camera

Running time

approx. 23-25 minutes

Production company

Schneider's Bakery
Apollo ProMovie
Nickelodeon Productions

Series run

January 9, 2005–May 2, 2008


Nickelodeon (original), Teennick (reruns)

Picture format

480i 16:9 (SDTV)


Series ended, reruns

Zoey 101 is an American live-action situation comedy-drama television series starring Jamie Lynn Spears. The series was originally run as a TEENick show on Nickelodeon, beginning on January 9, 2005. Zoey 101 follows the lives of teenager Zoey Brooks along with several of her friends that attend the boarding school Pacific Coast Academy.

Zoey 101 was one of Nickelodeon's highest rated and most successful shows in the 2000s decade. The series won three Young Artist Awards, two Kids' Choice Awards and a Neox Fan Award. The entire series is currently available for purchase on DVD and on digital stores online, such as iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, and Paramount+.

The show was initially filmed at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California, then at stages in Valencia, Santa Clarita, California beginning Season 3. The future of the show came into question after Jamie Lynn Spears announced her pregnancy at the age of 16, however, filming of the series had already wrapped up by that time. Nickelodeon continued to air the series with its fourth and final season, which began on January 27, 2008 and ended on May 2, 2008. Reruns of the show were also halted on November 27, 2009. Reruns returned to TeenNick on May 31, 2010, and has run in syndication ever since.


The series centers around Zoey Brooks as she enrolls in Pacific Coast Academy, a school that previously only allowed boys to attend. Throughout the series, Zoey and her friends navigate life as teenagers in a boarding school. As the series progresses, the group of friends grows closer together.


Main cast

Actor Character Episodes Seasons
1 2 3 4
Jamie Lynn Spears Zoey Brooks 65 Main
Paul Butcher Dustin Brooks 25 Main
Sean Flynn Chase Matthews 54 Main Guest
Austin Butler James Garrett 9 Guest Main
Kristin Herrera Dana Cruz 13 Main
Victoria Justice Lola Martinez 50 Main
Christopher Massey Michael Barret 64 Main
Alexa Nikolas Nicole Bristow 26 Main
Erin Sanders Quinn Pensky 62 Main
Matthew Underwood Logan Reese 60 Main

Recurring cast

Cast Character Season(s) Years credited First Appearance Final Appearance

Episode Count

Jessica Chaffin Coco Wexler All 4 Seasons 2005-2008 Defending Dustin PCA Confidential 13
Jack Salvatore Jr Mark Del Figgalo All 4 Seasons 2005-2008 New Roomies Chasing Zoey 28
Creagen Dow Jeremiah Trottman Not In Season 1 2005-2008 The Election Chasing Zoey 12
Lisa Tucker Lisa Perkins 3-4 2007-2008 Michael Loves Lisa Chasing Zoey 4
Miki Ishikawa Vicky Only In Season 1 2005-2006 Welcome to PCA Backpack 5
Daniella Monet Rebecca Only In Season 3 2006-2007 Surprise Zoey's Balloon 3
Abby Wilde Stacey Dillsen 3-4 2006-2008 Chase's Girlfriend PCA Confidential 17
Brando Eaton Vince Blake


2006-2008 The Great Vince Blake Chasing Zoey 4


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Season Episodes Air date
Season premiere Season finale
1 13 January 9, 2005 May 1, 2005
2 13 September 11, 2005 April 16, 2006
3 26 September 24, 2006 January 4, 2008
4 13 January 27, 2008 May 2, 2008

TV films

Film Airdate Episode #
Spring Break-Up March 10, 2006 Ep 23-24
The Curse of PCA October 13, 2007 Ep 43-44
Goodbye Zoey January 4, 2008 Ep 51-52
Chasing Zoey May 2, 2008 Ep 64-65

DVD Releases

Title Release date Episodes
Spring Break-Up May 19, 2006 (USA) 8,13, 23-24
Bonus features include season one bloopers, behind-the-scenes tours and two bonus episodes from the first season, "Quinn's Date" and "Little Beach Party".
Title Release date Episodes
The Complete 1st Season February 13, 2007 (USA)

November, 23, 2010 (Canada)

1-13, 37 (bonus)
This two-disc release includes all thirteen episodes from the first season. Bonus features include bloopers, original cast member audition tapes, and a bonus episode, "Quarantine", from the third season. Alexa Nikolas (Nicole) and Kristin Herrera (Dana) do not appear on the cover.
Title Release date Episodes
The Complete 2nd Season August 29, 2008 (USA)

January, 11, 2011 (Canada) September 10, 2008 (AUS)

(USA) Three-disc release, all 13 episodes, available just in Amazon.com, as a "CreateSpace" program of "Burn-On-Demand" DVDs. Alexa Nikolas (Nicole) and Paul Butcher (Dustin) do not feature on the cover. (AUS) This two-disc release includes all thirteen episodes from the second season. Released by Madman Entertainment in Australia and New Zealand (Region 4).
Title Release date Episodes
The Complete 3rd Season June 14, 2009 (USA)

March 8, 2011 (Canada)

(USA) Five-disc release, all 24 episodes, available just in Amazon.com, as a "CreateSpace" program of "Burn-On-Demand" DVDs.

This disc is expected to play back in DVD Video "play only" devices, and may not play in other DVD devices, including recorders and PC drives.

Title Release date Episodes
The Complete 4th Season June 16, 2009 (USA and Canada) 53-65
(USA) Three-disc release, all 13 episodes, available just in Amazon.com, as a "CreateSpace" program of "Burn-On-Demand" DVDs.

This disc is expected to play back in DVD Video "play only" devices, and may not play in other DVD devices, including recorders and PC drives.


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Zoey 101 Soundtrack


  • 2005 Primetime Emmy Award: Outstanding Children's Program
  • 2007 Kids' Choice Awards: Jamie Lynn Spears (Favorite TV Actress)
  • 2008 Kids' Choice Awards: Jamie Lynn Spears (Favorite TV Actress)
  • 2009 Kids' Choice Awards Favorite TV Show


  • Despite being a sitcom, the show is more like a teen's drama series. Indeed, the show is often referred to as a dramedy. 
  • Zoey Brooks is the only main character who is present for all 65 episodes of the show; Dustin is absent for 40 episodes; Chase does not appear in season 4, except for "Trading Places" and "Chasing Zoey;" James only appears in season 4; Dana only appears in season 1; Lola is not introduced until Season 2 and is absent in "Haunted House," and Season 3's "PCA Confidental;" "PCA Confidential" is the episode that Michael is absent in; Nicole only appears in Seasons 1 and 2, Quinn does not appear in "Defending Dustin," "School Dance," and "PCA Confidential;" and Logan didn't appear in "Defending Dustin," "Quinn's Date," "Spring Fling," Backpack," and "PCA Confidential."
    • The order of these characters is based from greatest to least, how many episodes out of all 65 episodes they are present for:
      • Zoey: 65; Michael: 64; Quinn: 62; Logan: 60; Chase: 54; Lola: 50; Nicole: 26; Dustin: 25; Dana: 13; and James: 9.
  • Jamie Lynn Spears and Alexa Nikolas share the same birthday April 4th: Jamie Lynn born in 1991 and Alexa born in 1992.
  • This is Dan Schneider's only show without a laugh track, or other studio audience sound effects, due to the fact that this show is more of a drama.
  • Season 3 is the longest season with 25 episodes. Every other season aired for 13 episodes each, except Season 4 because it has 14 episodes.
  • Throughout the show's four-season run, Nicole, Dana, Dustin and James are the only main characters to not end up with a boyfriend or girlfriend.
  • Jamie Lynn Spears (Zoey), Paul Butcher (Dustin), Christopher Massey (Michael), Erin Sanders (Quinn), and Matthew Underwood (Logan) are the only main characters to appear in all four seasons as a main role. Sean Flynn (Chase) was a main character in Seasons 1-3 but only appeared in 2 episodes of Season 4 as a guest star.
  • Jessica Chaffin (Coco), Jack Salvatore Jr. (Mark), Christopher Murray (Dean Rivers) and Brian Tee (Kazu) are the only four recurring characters to appear in all 4 Seasons in the show.
  • Austin Butler is the only actor on the show to have played more than one role: Danifer, and James Garrett.
  • Contrary to popular belief, Zoey 101 did not end due to Jamie Lynn Spears' pregnancy : the cast and the producers had decided that the show was showing its age, so they wrapped up filming in August of 2007. It would be a year before the series finale aired (this is a common mistake made by many, as they assume filming ended in 2008). Spears did not announce her pregnancy until October. It should be noted that Spears gave birth to her baby after the final episode aired. In a 2012 interview, Victoria Justice confirmed that she, and no one else, had even heard about Jamie's pregnancy until after production had wrapped up, joking that it was good timing.
  • Stacey, Coco, and Carl are the only characters from Zoey 101 to appear in another show later on. Stacey appeared in two iCarly episodes (iStart a Fan War and iHire an Idiot) as well one episode of Sam and Cat (#MadAboutShoe). While, Coco and Carl appeared in the Sam and Cat episode "#FirstClassProblems". Quinn's name was briefly heard in the iCarly episode "iWas a Pageant Girl" but she wasn't seen and the voice sounded nothing like the original Quinn.
  • A predecessor to Zoey 101 is "Moody's Point" a recurring sketch that aired on The Amanda Show. "Moody's Point" parodied "Dawson's Creek," as well as other cheesy teen dramas of the time. Like Zoey 101, the series was serious in terms of the story, but the dialogue was meant to be comical. Dan Schneider attempted to create a full TV show based on this sketch, but was unable to convince Nickelodeon, thus he considers Zoey 101 the successor series. He has noted that if Moody's Point became a TV show it would have been in the same vein as Zoey 101 but with more absurd dialogue and characters.
  • Two actors who would later go on to star in the hit tv show: Glee, appeared on Zoey 101, Harry Shum, Jr. played Roy in Trading Places, and Kevin McHale had a recurring role as the nerd Dooley.
  • The working title of the series was Totally Zoey, but it was changed due to Dan Schneider finding it too cheesy. The name was a reference to "Totally Kyle" from The Amanda Show (played by Drake Bell), and would be used again as Totally Terri in the iCarly episode "iTake on Dingo."
  • Originally, Dana was to become Logan's girlfriend, but when Kristin Herrera left the show, Quinn took over this role.
  • Since iCarly and Victorious established a crossover, along with the fact that Stacey Dillsen guest starred in iCarly, all three shows exist in the same universe.
    • Additionally, Sam & Cat is a spin-off show of both iCarly and Victorious, meaning that it is also set in the same universe as these three shows. Stacey and Coco would also appear in Sam & Cat. Amusingly, this means that there are three Victoria Justices (Lola, Shelby Marx, and Tori Vega) in the same universe.
    • A notable concept is that iCarly can be a 'prequel' to Zoey 101. In the episode iWas a Pageant Girl, a girl says that her name is Quinn Pensky. In Zoey 101, it is revealed that her character competed in pageants when she was little, meaning that the events of iCarly happened prior to Zoey 101. However, there are several other things that contradict this theory, so it may be impossible as well.
    • Miranda Cosgrove's and Jennette McCurdy's roles as Paige Howard and Trisha Kirby are similar to the actresses' respective roles on iCarly. Carly Shay and Paige Howard are both intellectuals and well behaved, while Sam Puckett and Trisha Kirby are both uneducated and obnoxious.
    • Victoria Justice's and Daniella Monet's roles as Lola Martinez and Rebecca are similar to their roles on Victorious. Tori Vega and Lola Martinez are both well behaved, while Trina Vega and Rebecca Martin are both sassy and attitudinal.
  • Every Zoey 101 season resulted in a cast member leaving and being replaced with someone else (i.e. Dana Cruz doesn't return in Season 2, Lola appears in her place for the rest of the series, Nicole leaves after Season 2 and Quinn takes her place in Room 101, and Chase was replaced by James Garrett for a majority of Season 4).
  • On July 23 2019, rumors arose that a reboot of the series might be in the works. A week later, Victoria Justice, Erin Sanders, Abby Wilde, Matthew Underwood, Sean Flynn, Jack Salvatore, Jr., Paul Butcher, Christopher Massey, and Dan Schneider had an impromptu reunion dinner.

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