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    There are many wonderful couples of Zoey 101.

    Some include:

    Choey (Ch/ase and Z/oey)

    Quogan (Qu/inn and L/ogan)

    Misa (M/ichael and L/isa)

    Vola (V/ince and L/ola)

    Joey (J/ames and Z/oey)

    Minn (M/ark and Qu/inn)

    Disha (D/ustin and Tr/isha)


    Choey is the pairing of Chase and Zoey (Ch/ase and Z/oey). From the very first episode

    of Zoey 101, Chase has had a huge crush on Zoey, that never went away, no matter if he had a new girlfriend or not. Zoey's feelings for Chase are a little more complicated. She always thoguht of him as a friend, until the last season, where she finally figures out she loved him back. It so happened that Zoey left for England, and Chase was arguing with Logan and…

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