iMeet Zoey 101 is the fourth and fifth episode of the fifth season of Zoey 101. It is a one hour special and a crossover with iCarly.


Zoey and the gang are invited to make a special guest appearance on Meanwhile Rebecca is back once again and joins forces with Nora Dershlit, and Nevel Papperman. They manage to kidnap the entire iCarly and Zoey 101 gang. When Dean Rivers hears about it, he sets out to Seattle and frees them all.

Zoey 101 Cast

iCarly Cast

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  • Nicole saying that Carly looks like Paige and Dustin saying that Sam looks like Trisha is a fact that Miranda and Jennette played both characters.
  • Spencer saying on how people think that he looks like Crazy Steve and that Carly looks like Megan from Drake & Josh references to the fact that their actors played them.
  • This is the first crossover of the show.
  • Despite the title, this is only an episode for Zoey 101.
  • This is a direct continuation from the previous episode as Nora and Nevel bailed Rebecca out of jail.
  • The iCarly episodes iNevel and iRue the Day, along with Nevel's crush on Carly are mentioned.
  • Sometime after the events of iPsycho, Nora and Nevel have joined forces.
  • Nora says that Rebecca looks like the girl that attended her party which is a nod that Daniella Monet played both characters.
  • Shelby Marx, Paige, Trisha, Crazy Steve, and Megan Parker are all mentioned.
  • This episode shows that Drake & Josh, Zoey 101, iCarly, and Victorious exist in the same universe.
    • Along with Sam & Cat which is a crossover spinoff of iCarly and Victorious.
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