Okay, I just gotta admit I HATE the relationship between Zoey and James.

But I LOVE the relationship between Chase and Zoey.

I mean, Zoey and Chase's relationship has sprouted SO much throughout the series. You can tell that Zoey even like Chase at some points. ;) I mean, you just know that Chase would plrobably even die for Zoey if his life depended on it. I think they are so adorable.

Zoey and James however, I despise. I mean, they're first kiss was like tottaly out of the blue. Kinda bitter, too.

I really hate James. Like in the episode "Cofee Cart Ban", if Michael would have never told James about Logan snitching on Zoey, Lola, and Quinn, James woudl have never known. And when Zoey thanked James for helping them keep their cover, James never mentioned anything about Michael. That really got me peeved.

And James is just a spazz overall. I really hate his character. That's just me though.

Anyone else agree?