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Hello and welcome to my wikia page! I am Wiiboy4ever and I am an administrator on here for about half a year now.

The wiki

So, as I mentioned, I am an admin on here, as I've been contributing greatly here for quite a while. I've created over 40 articles alone, and I've been constantly editing and improving pages. I care deeply about this wiki, as it is a decitaction to the show I love most. I, along with TenCents (the new owner) and Sunrise Daisy (a fellow administrator), are cooperating and trying to help cleanup this wiki after recently being abandonded. So feel free to do everyone a favor and contribute to the wiki!

Zoey 101 in general

So, I am a huge supporter of Zoey 101. I am a die hard fan of this series. It is by far my favorite Dan Schneider creation, and my favorite show overall. To me, practically everthing about this show is amazing. Zoey 101 is my life!

Fandom and opinions

So, as you can probably tell, I am a massive Zoey/Chase "Choey" fan. I have pictured them being a couple since day one, they are just so beautifully compatible. In my opinion, they are a wonderful couple. Which is why I didn't enjoy Season 4 too much, as Chase was taken almost completely out of the picture. People may know my to hate -- er, strongly dislike the character James for taking Zoey away from Chase for the time being. I honestly didn't like him at all. He was very annoying and he just felt like a rushed character. I did, however, enjoy Chasing Zoey, as it's my favorite episode, and loved how Chase and Zoey finally get together. I was astonished yet astounded.

Need assistance? Just wanna talk?

Feel free to stop by and leave a message on my talk page if you need help or just wanna have a chat! :)

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