Trisha Kirby
Biological Information
Full name

Trisha Kirby




Possibly 1992

Background Information

Dustin Brooks (ex-boyfriend)
Chase Matthews (kissed)




Pacific Coast Academy

First EP

Bad Girl

Last EP

Bad Girl


She either got expelled, or quit.


Jennette McCurdy

Trisha Kirby is a sixth grade girl from the season 2 episode, "Bad Girl".


Trisha is revealed to be a bad, troublemaking, uneducated girl who briefly dates Dustin Brooks. She has to retake sixth grade multiple times, and is paired up with Dustin for science. Dustin's sister Zoey is not happy about this so she tries to get Dustin and Trisha to separate. However, Zoey promised that she wouldn't butt into Dustin's personal business, so she sends Chase in to try to get them to break up. Unfortunately, Chase trying to explain Dustin's too young for Trisha goes in an entirely different direction, causing Trisha to think that Chase likes her, and ultimately kissing him. When Chase tells this to Zoey, he and Zoey try to pretend they're boyfriend and girlfriend. Trisha is not convinced, and tells them to kiss each other. Before they can, however, Dustin attacks Chase. Trisha finds this manly, but Dustin rejects her, leaving Trisha single again. It is unknown what happens to Trisha after her breakup with Dustin since she never appears again. However, considering her troublemaking personality, it is likely she was expelled from PCA after the episode.


Trisha is portrayed by Jennette McCurdy, who also plays Sam Puckett on Dan Schneider's series, iCarly and Sam & Cat.


  • On iCarly, a similarly titled episode with a similar plot is aired. They both involve a main character dating a "bad person", in iCarly's case a boy. Ironically, Jennette McCurdy is present in both episodes. Furthermore, both episodes were in the second season in their respective shows.
  • She somewhat resembles her character Sam Puckett in iCarly. Sam is rude and aggressive, similar to Trisha.
  • She is in the sixth grade with Dustin, despite being a couple years older. This is because she was held back a year.
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