Tipper Rivers
Biological Information
Full name

Tipper Rivers



Background Information

Dean Rivers (Husband)
Lance Rivers (Son)
Unnamed Daughter


Dean Rivers (married)

First EP

Quinn's Alpaca

Last EP

Coffee Cart Ban


She was never seen again.


Denise Gossett

Tipper Rivers is a minor character in Zoey 101. She is the wife of Dean Rivers and the mother of Lance Rivers. She first appeared in Quinn's Alpaca. She is portrayed by Denise Gossett.

Character History


Tipper can best be described as rude. Whenever she appears, she either has a negative attitude or is just plain angry.

Season 2

In Quinn's Alpaca, she barged in Dean Rivers' office, after someone telling her that Dean River's isn't in there. She shouted "Don't give me that!", and started yelling in Dean Rivers' office about the fact that he has spent $2000 on video games. After hearing the sound of viscous barking dogs (sound effect activated by Quinn's remote), she left his office, confused and screaming.

Season 4

In Coffee Cart Ban, she was seen with Dean Rivers, texting on her new iBerry phone. When Zoey, James and Quinn said hello to her, she did not acknowledge or reply to them. When it was discovered that the PCA coffee carts were giving out free coffee, a mod of students evaded the carts in order to get some which caused an accident. The cart began to roll and it hit Tipper, knocking her to the ground. When Dean Rivers asked her if she needed anything, she angrily said that she would like a new life.


  1. Quinn's Alpaca
  2. Coffee Cart Ban