Zoey's Tek-Mate

A Tek-Mate is a technological device introduced in Season 2 of Zoey 101 during the Spring Break-Up episode. It is an exact replica of the T-Mobile Sidekick II, and thus has the same functions as it.

At the end of Spring Break-Up Zoey's Tek-Mate falls into the water after Chase tells Zoey he love's her In a text. It seems that Zoey, has a later Tek-Mate in the series. However, she could/may have gotten a new one.


All Tek-Mates have a built-in VGA camera with flash, world phone, speakerphone, keyboard, e-mail and IM functionality, web browser and 32MB RAM. Tek-Mates are also available in a variety of colors.

Tek-Mate's served as the cellphone before Pearphone's in Nickelodeon shows.


  1. Zoey: Pink (Fell in the fountain, may have gotten a new one).
  2. Dustin: Red
  3. Chase: Blue
  4. Lola: Purple
  5. Nicole: Yellow
  6. Michael: Green
  7. Quinn: Orange
  8. Logan: Black


Picture of Tek-Mate's case from Dan Schiender is below. ==