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Stacey Dillsen
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Biological Information



February 25, 1991

Background Information

Danifer (Ex-boyfriend)
Logan Reese (crush; prom date)
Mark Del Figgalo (prom date),






Pacific Coast Academy

Last EP

Chasing Zoey


Series ended


Abby Wilde

This article is about the recurring character that debuted in season 3. For information about Stacy from season 1, see here.

Stacey Dillsen (Abby Wilde) is a recurring character in the Zoey 101 series. She appears throughout seasons 3 and 4.


She is very unfortunate and always had bad luck, despite virtually doing nothing bad to anyone. Up until Chasing Zoey, Stacey had trouble pronouncing words with the letter "S" in them. Her lisp goes away after Mark accidentally runs into her in Michael's car. She got her lisp back overtime, as revealed in iCarly, in which Stacey is the only Zoey 101 character to make an appearance on.

Stacy is a very kind and unpopular girl. Practically no one at PCA befriends her. Her hobby is creating things using cotton swabs and white glue. She isn't so good at yoga as seen in Michael Loves Lisa because she was taken out with her foot stuck behind her head, spraining her right lute. She also has a crush on Logan.

She shares similar traits to Melissa (see The Election), but instead of pronouncing her S's as "th". she pronounces them as "sh", and instead of having a crush on Chase, she has a crush on Logan. At the end of the series Stacey Dillsen could talk normally.

Zoey 101

Stacey appears as a kind person, but none of the other students seem to befriend her or show any interest in her. She has a huge crush on Logan Reese, a main character in the show.

List of appearances

  1. Chase's Girlfriend
  2. The Great Vince Blake
  3. Michael Loves Lisa
  4. Zoey's Balloon
  5. Quarantine
  6. The Radio
  7. Paige at PCA
  8. Dance Contest
  9. Favor Chain
  10. Zoey's Ribs
  11. The Curse of PCA
  12. Son of a Dean
  13. Hands on a Blix Van
  14. Miss PCA
  15. Logan Gets Cut Off
  16. PCA Confidential
  17. Goodbye Zoey
  18. Trading Places
  19. Fake Roommate
  20. Alone at PCA
  21. Rumor of Love
  22. Anger Management
  23. Walk-a-Thon
  24. Vince is Back
  25. Dinner For Two Many
  26. Coffee Cart Ban
  27. Roller Coaster
  28. Chasing Zoey


Stacey is a featured character in the iCarly episode "iStart a Fanwar", where she has now become a Creddie fan. She explains that she had gotten over her lisp, but it came back.

Stacey returned in the episode "iHire an Idiot", where she tries to become an intern. She once again mentions her obsession with cotton swabs and white glue. When rejected by Carly, Stacey is defended by Freddie, and she comments, "No, it'sh okay; thish alwaysh happensh".

Although she wasn't exactly seen, her name can be spotted in the comments section for Nevel's smoothie and creamed corn video in the episode "iPity the Nevel", where she uncharacteristically yells, "Stupid video!! Nevel is still the worst person alive!!!".

In a video posted on iCarly.com, Stacey appeared again, where she explains that she recently graduated from PCA. She displayed some of her cotton swab artwork. She also annoyed Spencer Shay by answering all of his questions with words that had an "S" in them. In the segment, she claims that her favorite dip is Salsa, and her favorite writer is Shakespeare, and she spends her summer in Space Camp where her parents sent her. Her favorite food is tied between Spaghetti and Sesame and String Cheese. Unfortunately, because all of these have S's in theme, the constant sound of her lisp proved too much for Spencer. She ends the segment after Spencer runs off with the iconic "Sassafras Tea" song from Logan Gets Cut Off and Goodbye Zoey.

Sam and Cat

Stacey's injuries are reported cruelly on Hilarious Injuries.com

Stacey makes a cameo appearance in Sam and Cat, where Cat Valentine (from Dan Schneider's hit show, Victorious) finds out online that Stacey had hit her head on a pipe while singing the "Sassafras Tea" song when two men are transporting it across a street while she was riding her bike. She is apparently in college now at San Francisco State (or rather, Shan Franshishco Shtate).


  • Despite being a recurring character and being introduced in Season 3, she makes more appearances than Dustin Brooks, a main character who was present occasionally in each four seasons. She also appeared in every Season 4 episode except for Quinn Misses The Mark.
  • Wilde revealed in an interview with MTV that Stacey was supposed to be a one-time gag, but the writers found the character appealing enough to bring back.[1]