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Son of a Dean
Season 3, Episode 20
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Steve Hoefer


George Doty IV

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November 4, 2007

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Drippin' Episode!


Hands on a Blix Van

Son of a Dean is the twentieth episode in Season 3 and the 46th overall episode in the Nickelodeon TV series, Zoey 101. It is the 19th episode of Season 3 in streaming and production order. The episode aired on November 4, 2007.


Zoey starts dating Lance, Dean Rivers' son, and as a result, Quinn was able to get the new mattress she requested sooner than expected, and Lola got the girls a better refrigerator in their dorm room upon request. However, when Zoey wins a lottery for a ticket to the Hollywood premiere of a movie (with a free limo ride on the way), Lola and Quinn start to believe that Lance rigged the ticket so Zoey can win, since apparently, Dean Rivers got two tickets; one for [Lance], and the other was to be raffled.

At first, Zoey believed that she got the ticket fair and square, and got mad at her roommates for accusing Lance of rigging it while they accuse her for knowing about it. However, en route to the premiere, Lance openly admits that he did rig the ticket so Zoey can have it and they can go together. Realizing that her roommates were right, Zoey decided to not go and headed back to PCA. After returning to her dorm, Zoey tells her roommates that they were right about Lance rigging the raffle then apologized to them for not believing them and they in return apologized to her for not being nice about it as they understood that the raffle rig wasn't her fault.

Meanwhile, Chase and Michael was tasked to submit 26 episodes of The Chase & Michael Show to Toonjuice.com in less than two months. However, the first episode they submitted, where their characters are bowling pins afraid of a bowling ball rolling towards them, gets them sued by a TV show called Friday Night Live for apparently ripping off their sketch. Chase and Michael then sneaked into the limo Zoey was riding to LA to the set of Friday Night Live to talk the producer into dropping the charges. The producer ends up dropping the lawsuit after learning (along with Chase and Michael) that FNL wasn't the first show to do the bowling pin sketch either.

Meanwhile, Logan videotapes himself dancing, and then sends DVD copies of the video to all the girls in PCA so they can dance with him "virtually."


  • Paul Butcher (Dustin Brooks) did not appear in this episode.
  • When Zoey walks back into her room after leaving the limo, Lola is trying to choose a ring tone. She ends up choosing the song of the tune on the opening credits of iCarly.
  • The URL toonjuice.com redirects to iCarly.com, just like all of the other links mentioned in Dan Schneider's shows, excluding iCarly and theSlap.com.
  • Going by production order, this is the 19th episode of Season 3.
  • Friday Night Live is a parody of the sketch comedy series, Saturday Night Live.
  • At the studio, Dan Schneider's voice can be heard calling for "Robin Weiner." Robin Weiner is one of the main writers and directors of Zoey 101 and other Schneider shows.
  • When Logan is dancing for his video, "The Concept of Love" from the SEGA game Jet Set Radio Future is playing. 


  • If you look closely in the scene where Michael pushes Logan against the wall angrily, you'll notice he is smiling.
  • Chase and Michael would not have been able to open the trunk of the limo without a key or key fob.
  • It is unknown why Dustin doesn't even appear in the penultimate scene of this episode in the girls' dorm room, as in the previous episode, Lola and Quinn offered for him to move in with them, however, it is possible he moved out or declined the offer.
  • In PCA Confidential, a scene is shown when Zoey pours a drink on Lance right after she says she doesn't want to go with him in the limousine. However, this scene doesn't appear anywhere in this episode, hinting that this scene was deleted.

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