Season 4
Zoey 101 Season 4
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Season run

January 27th, 2008–May 2nd, 2008



DVD open

June 16th, 2009

Season Chronology

Season 3

Season 4 is the fourth and final season of Zoey 101. It was filmed from June 2007 to August 2007. It has 14 episodes overall.


Hearing how Chase feels about her, Zoey transfers back to PCA to be with him, but knowing he loves Zoey, Chase convinces his parents to transfer him to Covington to be with her, as they soon discover. Chase must remain in England for one semester before returning to PCA, as part of the agreement with his parents that allowed him to transfer. Chase and Zoey finally admit their love for each other. However, they decide to postpone their relationship until Chase's return, due to the difficulties of a long-distance relationship. Logan and Michael get a new roommate, James Garrett, who dates Zoey nearly through the season. Lola and Vince Blake (who returns to PCA as a better person) become a couple. Logan and Quinn also become a couple, after Mark Del Figgalo breaks up with Quinn, but at first, Quinn and Logan keep their relationship a secret, believing that they wouldn't be able to handle the teasing if anyone should find out. They secretly date until the hour-long series finale, "Chasing Zoey", where in they publicly admit their love at the PCA Prom. Stacey (Logan's date, as selected by Quinn to keep their relationship a secret) gets hit by the car that Mark and Michael are driving, and loses her lisp as a result. Also in this episode, James tells Zoey he loves her, and unable to return his feelings, she breaks up with James, and Chase returns to PCA, at which time Zoey kisses him passionately and they end up together.

Main Cast

Episode list

Episode # Series # Title Original airdate Prod code
1 52 "Trading Places" 27 January 2008 401
2 53 "Fake Roommate" 27 January 2008 402
3 54 "Alone at PCA" 3 February 2008 403
4 55 "Rumor of Love" 10 February 2008 404
5 56 "Anger Management" 17 February 2008 405
6 57 "Quinn Misses the Mark" 24 February 2008 406
7 58 "Walk-a-Thon" 9 March 2008 407
8 59 "Vince is Back" 22 March 2008 408
9 60 "Dinner For Two Many" 30 March 2008 409
10 61 "Coffee Cart Ban" 6 April 2008 410
11 62 "Roller Coaster" 27 April 2008 411
12–13 63–64 "Chasing Zoey" 2 May 2008 412–413
14 65 "PCA Confidential" 2 May 2008 414



  • The gang (except Dustin) are in 10th grade in this season.
  • Zoey, Michael, Quinn, Logan and Dustin are the only main characters to actually appear in all 4 seasons.
    • The order of these characters from most appearances to least out of all 65 episodes is:
      • Zoey: 65; Michael: 64; Quinn: 62; Logan: 60; and Dustin: 25
  • This season depicts the 2nd half of 2006-07 school year at PCA.
  • This season was released on DVD on June 16, 2009 by Amazon through their DVD-R service.