Room 101 (Butler Hall Season 1), (Brenner Hall, Season 2), (Fulton Hall Seasons 3&4) is the dormitory room that houses Zoey Brooks along with two of her other close friends. Zoey is the only character to live in Room 101 throughout the entire series.

In season one, there is Dana Cruz in with them but when she leaves her place is taken by Lola Martinez. In season 3 after Nicole Bristow left Quinn Pensky moved in 101 and became Zoey and Lola's roommate. During Goodbye Zoey when Zoey left Stacey Dillsen moved in until Zoey came back in Trading Places. In the room there is a mini-refrigerator (which when Zoey first arrived was home to a sandwich from 1988) a sofa, a single bed and bunk beds.


  • The fact that Zoey is always in room 101 has to do with a reference to the show's title.
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