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Roller Coaster
Season 4, Episode 11
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Adam Weissman


Jeffrey Bushell

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April 27, 2008

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Coffee Cart Ban


Chasing Zoey

Roller Coaster is the eleventh episode in Season 4 and the 63rd overall episode in the Nickelodeon TV series, Zoey 101. The episode aired on April 27, 2008. 


Zoey's physics class is going on a field trip to ride on a roller coaster at Mystic Mountain called "Spine Twister." Everyone is excited to go, except for Michael, who is afraid of roller coasters. As Logan finds out about this, he tells everyone Michael is afraid of riding them. Michael is worried that Lisa thinks he is a wimp because he is scared to ride roller coasters, so he tries various methods of getting over his fears, none of which seem to work. Eventually, he goes to Mystic Mountain itself before the field trip to get over his fear once and for all. When he rides the Spine Twister, he discovers that he likes it so much that he's still riding it as the episode ends.





  • Lola Martinez and Zoey Brooks asked if a duck would make a good pet and Stacey Dillsen proved it in the end.
  • Paul Butcher (Dustin Brooks) did not appear in this episode.
  • Mystic Mountain is a parody of Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, CA. The actual scenes from this episode were filmed at Six Flags, and the rollercoaster used as the Spine Twister was Goliath, a rollercoaster at Six Flags. Fans of Drake & Josh might also recognize the Goliath as the Demonator roller coaster from the Drake & Josh episode "The Demonator." That episode also took place at Mystic Mountain.
  • When Zoey answers her phone to Firewire her ringtone is "Leave It All To Me" the theme song for Zoey 101's sister show iCarly.
    • Victoria Justice appeared as a guest star on iCarly. She portrayed Shelby Marx in iFight Shelby Marx and reprises her Victorious character Tori Vega in the iCarly-Victorious crossover iParty With Victorious.
  • It is discovered that on every Saturday afternoon, PCA has a concert.
  • Coco's cousin, who appears in Paige at PCA, returns in this episode, where we discover he works at Mystic Mountain. He asks Michael if he remembers the psychology incident, something that Michael would rather not talk about.
  • This episode has no sub-plot.
  • The skyline of Mystic Mountain is actually Kennywood in Pittsburgh, PA.
  • This is the final single episode of the series.
  • Logan isn't seen at the concert, it could be assumed that Dean Rivers heard about Michael's fear of roller coasters and gave Logan detention for telling everyone at PCA and making fun of him.

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