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Biological Information



March 1, 1990


Chase Matthews (Ex-boyfriend)


Student (expelled)


Pacific Coast Academy

Last EP

Zoey's Balloon


She got expelled for blackmailing Zoey.


Daniella Monet.

Rebecca Martin is Chase's girlfriend at the start of Season 3. She seems nice and sweet at first, but they broke up because Rebecca hated Zoey and was trying to tell Chase to stop being friends with her. In a later episode, as revenge, she threatened to tell all of PCA an embarrassing secret about Zoey if she did not do whatever she said. Such things included wearing a banana costume and dancing "The Macalana," a parody of the "Macarena," a song by Los del Rio. However, Zoey and the gang managed to thwart her. She only appears in Season 3.


  1. Surprise
  2. Chase's Girlfriend
  3. Zoey's Balloon


  • Similarly to her role as Rebecca, Daniella Monet's character, Trina Vega, on Dan Schneider's TeenNick series, Victorious, is snobby and rude.
    • Coincidentally, Victoria Justice and Daniella Monet would later work on Victorious together.
    • Both also guest starred (though separately) on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody where Victoria portrayed a character named Rebecca.
  • The TV Guide misnames Rebecca as Monica.
  • Her last name is still up for debate, as it has been unconfirmed if it is really "Martin".
  • Rebecca shows similar traits to Missy Robinson from iCarly.
  • Rebecca is also similar to Charlotte Watsford from H2O: Just Add Water in that they both attempt to get between a couple and shortly date the guy then attempt to get revenge on the girl after being dumped.
  • It can be speculated that Rebecca was expelled from PCA for blackmailing Zoey and threatening to publicly reveal one of her secrets if she disobeyed her.
  • her birthdate is March 1st.
    • her zodiac sign is Pisces♓.