Pacific Coast Academy


Boarding school

Pacific Coast Academy (more commonly called "PCA" for short) is an educational institution that serves as the main setting of Zoey 101. It's where all of the main characters of the show attend school.

PCA is located somewhere in Southern California, presumably somewhere in the Malibu-area (the show itself was shot entirely on location at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California). When PCA was first started, it was originally a boys-only school—however, sometime before the start of the series, they started enrolling female students alongside male students, thus making it a coed school.

It is a modern school, with brightly colored lounges, rooms, and many recreational activities. In the pilot episode, it is revealed that it has some of the best teachers in the country. Dean Rivers is the current head of PCA and he also happens to be a former student at the school (back when it was a boys-only school). It has six halls for students to live in with more than one hundred rooms in each: Fulton Hall, Butler Hall, Dillard Hall, Brenner Hall, Maxwell Hall and Rigby Hall. Each room at PCA can house up to at least three people

It also includes the Harry Schneider Building, which houses the economics room, chemistry room, history room, math room, the housing office, and the Dean's office. The campus also has a cafe, a movie theater, a Japanese restaurant, and a number of coffee carts.

List of PCA Staff and Students

Faculty and staff


  • Dean Rivers
  • Dean Taylor (replacement for Dean Rivers when he was injured)

Dorm Advisors


  • Mr. Thatcher
  • Mr. Kirby
  • Mr. Calahan (English)
  • Ms. Donovan
  • Ms. Dangle (psychology)
  • Mr. Fletcher (drama)
  • Mr. Bender (media)
  • Coach Phelps (physical education)


Known students of PCA



  • Chemistry (tenth grade)
  • Biology (ninth grade)
  • History
  • Economics (eighth grade)
  • Algebraic Maths
  • Geometry
  • Spanish
  • French
  • English
  • Psychology


  • Wrestling
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Yoga
  • Disc Golf
  • Football
  • Track


PCA has several types of merchandise that can be purchased. This merchanside is sold at the PCA Store and includes shirts, jackets, hoodies, backpacks, and school supplies.

PCA News

Main article: PCA News

PCA has its own news facility reported by Jeremiah Trottman, who reports on the happenings that occur in the day-to-day life of the school. The news also covers sporting events, where Jeremiah is paired with Dooley.

References in other Dan Schneider shows

  • When Stacey Dillsen guest starred in an (the official website for iCarly) video, she mentioned that she was a recent graduate of Pacific Coast Academy.
  • In one of the captions for a picture on (the official website for Victorious) Festus, the manager of "The Grub Truck" (a food truck in Victorious) mentions that he wants to have a food truck on the PCA-campus.
  • Stacey Dillsen mentions that she graduated from Pacific Coast Academy several years ago in the Sam and Cat episode #MadAboutShoe. The school's website is also visible on a PearBook in one scene of the episode.
  • Coco confirms in Sam and Cat she still works at PCA. While Zoey's class has obviously since left the school at this point, it's possible that Zoey's younger brother, Dustin, still attends the school.
  • A character in Henery Danger named Charolette wears a PCA shirt.


  • Fulton Hall
  • Butler Hall
  • Dillard
  • Brenner
  • Maxwell


  • The high school half of the school (grades 9th thru 12th) is the "upper school" while the middle school half (covering grades 6th thru 8th) is the "lower school."
  • As revealed in Defending Dustin, the school has a strict "no pets on campus" policy.
  • In Prank Week, it's revealed by Mr. Bradford (the son of PCA's founder) that it was apparently his wife's idea to start enrolling female students alongside male students at PCA, ultimately making it a coed school.
  • According to Lola in Miss PCA, students' families have to pay for tuition, which would indicate that PCA is technically a private school (since at public schools, students' families don't have to pay for tuition in order to attend).
    • Also according to Lola, while tuition at PCA is kind of expensive, it's not nearly as expensive as the average college tuition.