Mystic Mountain is an amusement park located near PCA. It is a parody
Goliath structure

Goliath (the roller coaster featured in Roller Coaster as "The Spine Twister") as it appears today.

of Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California. The amusement park scenes of the episode Roller Coaster were filmed at Six Flags Magic Mountain. A roller coaster at Magic Mountain called "Goliath" was featured in that episode as "The Spine Twister."


  • Mystic Mountain also appears in the Drake & Josh (one of Dan Schneider's previous shows) episode "The Demonator." "The Demonator" roller coaster featured in the episode was also "Goliath."
  • Mystic Mountain has had a few mentions in Victorious (another Dan Schneider show).
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