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Mark Del Figgalo
Mark Del Figgalo; First Appearance.jpg
Biological Information

Del Figgs (by Logan and Michael and Chase)



Background Information

Courtney (Ex-girlfriend)
Quinn Pensky (Ex-girlfriend)
Brooke Margolin
Stacey Dillsen (his prom date)




Pacific Coast Academy

Last EP

Chasing Zoey


Series ended


Jack Salvatore, Jr.

Mark Del Figgalo is a recurring character in Zoey 101 and Quinn's ex-boyfriend. Before he and Quinn broke up, he was involved with most of her experiments.

Character History

He made cameos throughout Season 1, making his first appearance in "New Roomies" as Dustin's Spanish student. He made his first major appearance in "Quinn's Date," and has been Quinn's boyfriend since Season 1. He has no emotions and has kissed Quinn several times; however, the first time they kissed was in "The Radio," two years after they started dating. He loves salami and likes plain (no butter, sour cream, etc.) baked potatoes. He’s also lactose intolerant. He also collects rocks, as shown is some of the later episodes.

In "Quinn Misses the Mark," he breaks up with Quinn and starts dating a girl named Brooke, who he feels he has more in common with her. They continue dating for the rest of the series, until Brooke breaks up with him sometime around "Chasing Zoey" (the series finale), because she felt that he wasn't "exciting" enough.

Michael, Logan, Chase, and sometimes Zoey usually just call him by his last name - Del Figgalo - whereas Quinn, Lola and Dustin (including Nicole and Dana) usually call him Mark. Michael and Logan also sometimes call him Del-Figgs. He also collects antique calendars and likes to knit. He is seen dancing with Stacey at the end of Chasing Zoey. The girls he has dated are: Courtney (Season 1), Quinn Pensky (Seasons 1-4), Brooke Margolin (Season 4), and Stacey Dillsen (Season 4).

Mark appears in 28 episodes in Zoey 101 and is one of the four recurring characters that appear in all four seasons.


  • He has the highest appearance count out of all the recurring characters, tied with Stacey.
  • He is the second recurring character to have their name in an episode title. The first was Lisa.
  • Mark was only planned to be in New Roomies, but the producers of the show liked Jack so much that they decided to make Mark a recurring character.
  • Despite being a recurring character, he makes more appearances than Dustin Brooks, a main character who was present occasionally in each four seasons.
  • According to Quinn, Mark hated gravy, when Quinn accidentally added gravy into his mash potato, causing Mark not to talk to her for two days. It was mentioned by Quinn in Quinn Misses the Mark when she and Mark broke up for good.