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Malcolm Reese
Biological Information
Full name

Malcolm Reese



Background Information

Logan Reese (son)
Multiple unnamed ex-wives


Beverly Hills, California


Movie and television producer

First EP

Spring Break-Up

Last EP

Logan Gets Cut Off


He was never seen again


Michael Corbett

Malcolm Reese is Logan's rich father. He has a butler named Chauncy. Malcom Reese works on TV shows. While he is rich, he is not spoiled, and is never happy when it comes to his son misbehaving, despite bailing him out of trouble on multiple occasions. For example, in Logan Gets Cut Off, he temporarily cuts Logan off financially to teach him a lesson after Logan buys a car without his permission. Nevertheless, he is still a good dad who cares greatly for his son. He is portrayed by Michael Corbett.

Character history

Season 2

In "Spring Break-Up", Malcolm meets Logan's friends after he invites them to his Santa Barbara mansion for spring-break. Malcolm surprises them with the chance to test a new reality show he is producing and gives them Tekmate smartphones to keep as a thanks. He splits the kids into boys vs. girls teams citing that the winners will get to come to Hollywood with him to film the pilot episode.

Season 3

In "Logan Gets Cut Off", Malcolm is outraged to discover that Logan spent $327,000 on a car via Malcolm's black United Express credit card without asking his permission first, and decides to teach him a lesson. He goes with his butler Chauncy to confront Logan, and tells him that not only is he taking the car back to the dealership, but he's cutting his son off financially as punishment. To that end, he cuts up the credit card in front of Logan, closes his son's bank account, and has movers confiscate all of his luxury valuables (his plasma screen TV, laptop, stereo, etc.), all while ignoring Logan's desperate pleas for him to reconsider.

Some days later, Malcolm emails his son that he has reinstated his financial privileges, including a new credit card, believing that he has learned something from going without money for awhile. However, Logan, whose friends were doing things for him and trying to teach him how to survive without money, conceals this information from them to continue taking advantage of them. They discover this, however, and decide to teach him a lesson by tricking him into buying a fake collectable coin set for $100,000, prompting Malcolm to confront his son again. After learning from Chauncy that the coins are all fake, Malcolm, angry that Logan has apparently learned nothing, cuts him off again.

Malcolm isn't seen after this, though given that Logan has his money again in future episodes, it's likely that he reinstated his son's privileges after his friends returned the $100,000 and explained what happened. However, it's also unknown if he punished Logan for taking advantage of his friends as well.



  • It is unknown who Logan's mother is since Malcolm appears to be single when he appears on the show. Although it is implied that he has been married several times, as Logan mentions in Quinn Misses the Mark that a certain basket of cookies was a gift from "one of [his] step-moms".
  • He is mentioned in more episodes than he actually appears.


  1. Spring Break-up
  2. Logan Gets Cut Off