Lola Martinez
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Lola Martinez


Steve by All Students (Once)




1991 Age: Season 2: 14 Season 3: 15 Season 4: 16

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Mr. Martinez
Ms. Martinez
Little sister


Vince Blake (boyfriend/in love with)
Chase Matthews (ex-boyfriend)
Mark Del Figgalo (kissed)
Lafe (kissed)
Simon (one date)


Upstate New York


Amateur actress


Pacific Coast Academy

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Back to PCA

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Chasing Zoey


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Victoria Justice

Lola Martinez (Victoria Justice) is one of the main characters in the Nickelodeon TV series Zoey 101. Lola is the best friend and roommate of Zoey Brooks, Quinn Pensky and Nicole Bristow. Lola's other best friends are Michael Barret, Logan Reese and Chase Matthews. Lola is a good actress and has dreamed to one day be a famous actress, Lola ran for being Miss PCA but ended up falling out with her best friend Zoey. Lola owns a purple Tek-Mate and sleeps on the bottom bunk in her room in Season 2, and top bunk in her dorm room in Seasons 3 and 4.


Back to PCA

Zoey and Nicole will be having a new roommate because of Dana leaving PCA for an European Exchange Student. Nicole was worried that their roommate is gonna be worse than Dana so they went to the housing lady to make them choose which roommate should they have but it was against the rules so they started with a little talk and the housing lady let them choose but it went wrong after Nicole broke the antiques of the housing lady. They both went back to their room and saw their new roommate named Lola which is an amateur actress and let them think that she's freaky. Soon as Zoey and Nicole knew about Lola pranking them, they tried to prank Lola too by fighting off about their shirt so that they will make Lola believe that they can pull it off too. Meanwhile the gang was walking to the hall and having fun time including Lola.

Time Capsule

The students were having a time capsule and Lola doesn't want to put anything of her things there because that she's gonna be a hollywood star soon and she'll make away to get a score even she didn't want to participate the time capsule. Meanwhile Lola and Nicole was about to go to sleep but Quinn wouldn't stop snoring and they were frustrated about it and banging the wall so Quinn will be stop snoring. Lola uses her acting skills to make her teacher believe that everything she had is a gift from her mother so the teacher gave her a score anyway. She went to the hall and saw Nicole and Quinn sleeping on the couch she woke them up because they were asleep and they're gonna be late suddenly Coco came and drank the fish in the glass accidentally.

The Election

Lola is in the class while Zoey came in with a coffee which Lola stole it, Nicole was reading her horoscope which is found at the internet and Lola doesn’t care at all. The teacher came and announce that who will be the next president, the nominees were Zoey, Chase, and Mark. It’s lunch break and Nicole orders a chocolate cake and has a struggle eating it so she invites Lola and Zoey to eat the chocolate cake with her, they denies it but they ate it anyway. Quinn joins their table and announce who got the highest votes, Chase was on the lead followed by Zoey and Mark much to Quinn's dismay. Meanwhile after eating lunch, they were walking somewhere until there’s a girl who is obsessed with Chase and screaming that there’s a free smoothie, the girls thinks that it’s not fair so Zoey went to tell Chase that he’s not being fair. The girls meet up again to see the results of the votes, Chase still got the highest vote. Quinn enters their conversation and telling Zoey that why she made a commercial that humiliates Chase. Everyone accuses that Zoey did it even though Chase made it. Everything is fine after Chase admit that he made it. Lola was seen watching other videos in the lounge.

Haunted House

Lola is absent in this episode. ( There is a possibility that didn't go to the haunted house party because she is scared on the big costume "it was reveal in Zoey's Balloon" .)

Bad Girl

Lola walked by into the boy’s dorm and saw Logan and Michael weak and notice that there’s a lot of tomato juice, the boys explained that they were sprayed by skunk spray and they drank all the tomato juice, Lola grins and tell them that they’re doing it wrong. Meanwhile, Lola, Quinn, and Nicole was studying in their dorm but when Zoey went inside Quinn’s sleeve were fading into transparent which made them think that Logan and Michael were naked in the school right now.

Broadcast Views

Lola and Quinn caught Nicole being depressed or something so she help her and cheer Nicole up. Lola is also watching with some PCA students the Michael and Chase Show and the Interview of Zoey Brooks and Logan Reese. at the end the girls and the boys met up.

Girls Will Be Boys

The girls are having fun in the boys rooftop, when soon as the boys went to their own rooftop and make them leave, the girls went to some guys dorm manage man that the girls really can't go to the boys rooftop. The girls came up with a plan that can make Lola into a boy and named her Steve. As soon Lola went to the boys dorm she came nervous because the boys want her to join the water ball. The girls went back to another plan which they need to go in the pool. Meanwhile the boys reveals that Steve is Lola which makes the girls explained. At the end the girls and the boys hanging out to the boys rooftop.

Robot Wars

Lola joins the Zoey, Chase, and Nicole at the lunch while Chase wants a big cookie. After Zoey ask a challenge they ask Lola if she can draw a Robot and they will think of the skills, after Lola draw a Robot she then ask to Zoey that who will build it Zoey then went to Quinn. Lola and the others are in the girls dorm having a conversation while Quinn is building their Robot, after that she tells everyone that she already built the speaker, Chase tries it and it working good, while Quinn went at her room first to get some more tool, but when Logan makes a joke about Quinn that she's dork everybody starts laughing, but when Quinn came back she here's the joke and didn't continue building their Robot and hiding in her own dorm. The girls are walking around in the school and talking about Quinn suddenly Chase call them to follow him and then they saw a News about the boys where Zoey challenges them. Lola is also in the final bot fight and apologizing Quinn.

Lola Like Chase

Lola tells Zoey and Chase that she hates biology, Zoey says that Chase is good at it so Lola beg him and if he did help her Lola will make a pie for him, so Chase is helping her. Lola and Chase begins studying at the grass and Chase is helping Lola in her biology but Lola struggles so Chase make it like an acting lesson afterwards Lola is getting it and clearly memorize the lesson 6 of the biology.Lola came back to her dorm and ask Zoey if she can let Chase and her out, Zoey said she can. Lola and Chase went back to the grass and continue tutoring, after that Lola ask Chase if he can go out with her, Chase is still make a decision. Meanwhile Chase decided to say yes, which makes Lola excite except for Zoey because of her jealousy. Lola and Chase went into some kind of cafeteria and Lola begins flirting with Chase, and they begin playing a Would You Rather, but Lola thinks it's a dumb game

Spring Break-Up 1/2

Spring Break-Up 2/2

Character history


Meeting Lola for the first time

Lola is an aspiring movie star who came to PCA after Dana moved out (in Season 2); Lola became the new roommate of Zoey, Nicole. As an acting exercise, Lola pretended to be a "freaky goth chick" on her first day at PCA, frightening Zoey and Nicole to the point that they wish to sleep in tents outdoors, rather than share a room with her. But, after hearing a phone call revealing the act, the gig is up. The next morning, Zoey and Nicole have a fake fight to show Lola that she is not only one who can act. Lola is very dedicated to her dream of becoming a famous Hollywood actress, and confident of winning an Oscar by her 19th birthday.

Her true acting talent came apparent in "Girls Will Be Boys" when she fooled Chase and Logan into thinking she was a guy, just to prove a point that guys do not behave differently with girls around. She is overly confident in that dream in "Son of a Dean," by thinking she will win the raffle to the movie premiere, "Beaches n' Cream" because, according to her, it is "destiny." She is not exactly a hard worker, she uses acting as a way to avoid what she finds is unnecessary to her future career (such as contributing in a time capsule project, which she acted to Mr. Bender, so she could still get credit for it, but learned her lesson in the end.)

In "Lola Likes Chase" she dated Chase briefly, when she developed a crush on him, during a revision session when he was tutoring her for her Biology exam. They dated throughout the episode, but split up, when Lola was convinced that it was not working as she felt he had feelings for someone else. Zoey was rather freaked out by the fact that they were dating, she said that it was because she didn't want either of them to get hurt, but Nicole suspected it maybe due to other reasons, which may have been that she had feelings for Chase herself. 

Lola really loves to talk; she loses her voice in "Quarantine," after practicing her scream too much for a part in a play. This makes the rest of the gang very happy, because they are all cooped up in the girls dorm room, and get fed up with her screaming all the time. She can talk in a very convincing British Accent, as shown in "Dance Contest," when practicing for a play, but often pretends (lies) to get boys.

She possesses a phobia of people in big costumes, due to an accident with a giant Hot Dog that took place when she was young, which is revealed in "Zoey's Balloon." Strangely, she did not freak out at Quinn's "Alpaca Party" in "Quinn's Alpaca," even though Mark was in a big aardvark costume. She also can tell if a boy is a good kisser by watching him eat an apple, but it is never shown exactly how she does this. Her crush, Lafe, from "Curse of PCA," appears to be identified by Lola as a "good kisser."

In "Favor Chain" it was revealed by Dustin that all of the guys in his year think she is hot, which is why he wanted Zoey to get her to be his Magician assistant, because it will make him win. However she was supposed to be babysitting Mr. Bender's son, which lead to another part of the "Favor Chain".

Lola and Zoey compete in a beauty pageant in "Miss PCA", and after being influenced by Logan, that Zoey will sabotage her chances, she gets frustrated and accuses Zoey of this (even though Zoey did nothing wrong), so her and Zoey have a fight. On the day of the pageant, they are still fighting, but they realize that they have been being stupid, and end up having a mud fight, including Logan.

In the episode "Vince is Back," it is revealed that Lola likes Vince, who has come back to PCA after being expelled. She kisses Vince four times, after she finds out that he has changed. It is then clear that the two are dating. Vince is also in her yoga class. She and Vince also always like to constantly make out. Lola also enjoys knitting, but is terrible at it, and she forgets to put in a head hole when knitting a sweater, as shown when she forces Stacey to try it on. In the last episode, Chasing Zoey, Vince takes Lola out to dinner before the Prom, promising her, that they will be at the prom late like she wanted, but earlier than 8:30. On the way back from the restaurant the taxi driver quits his job, and throws away the key's so they are stranded in pitch black and have no clue where they are. Her dress gets ruined and they get scared by a rat that Vince found in an old guitar. Eventually, they meet some of PCA nerds, (from "Favor Chain") and follow them back to PCA, and arrive back to the prom just in time.

In the episode "Zoey's Tutor" she was hit in the head by a plasma bolt and she then became unconscious. Although her name is Lola Martinez in the series, on the Pacific Coast Academy website in her section "Lolascopes," her name is Lola Camacho. Knowing that Lola wants to be an actress it is possible that Lola Comacho could be a web-name. Most of her bathing suits seen are bikinis, and one tankini. In Chasing Zoey Lola and Vince Blake got stuck when a cab driver ditched them and they were stuck with Firewire and his friends and then they all race to get a date with Zoey and then they see her with Chase.


Zoey Brooks '(Best' Friends)


Zoey Brooks, Lola's best friend and roommate

Lola met Zoey when she discovered that she was her new roommate, she at first pretended to be different and ended up frightening Zoey then when she told her about her pretending, Zoey and Lola's second roommate Nicole Bristow, decided to pretend to have a fight to prove to Lola that they could act too. Lola and Zoey had one argument in the series, which was in the Season 3 episode Miss PCA when the two fell out over winning a pageant. After that, the two didn't argue again, although Zoey initially disapproved of Lola's relationship with Vince Blake. They became close friends and supported each other throughout the series, and were almost always together. Lola supported Zoey when Chase was accused of cheating against Zoey in the movie, Spring Break-Up and Lola tried to help Zoey when she found out her boyfriend, who is the dean's son, rigged a raffle so Zoey could win, though she didn't believe her and went but soon found out the truth and dumped him and made up with Lola. They were close friends during Season 4 and barely argued.

Dustin Brooks (Aquaintaince) 

Like Zoey, Lola is seen to show concern for Dustin. But unlike Zoey, she also seems to show some hostility towards him from time to time, such as in Favor Chain, when Zoey told her she wanted her to be Dustin's talent show assistant, Lola said she didn't want to, and added "Eww." Nevertheless, Lola and Dustin get along fine. 

Chase Matthews (Friends)

Chase was a mutual acquaintance of Lola through Zoey. In the episode Lola Likes Chase, Lola grew a crush on him, and they had one date, but decided they were better off as friends. Lola was excited upon finding out Chase had returned from London in Chasing Zoey, and went as far as hugging him. It is clear that out of all the male main characters on the show that Lola is closest to Chase.

Quinn Pensky (Best Friends)

Lola and Quinn didn't really hang out until after Nicole left PCA and Quinn became Zoey and Lola's roommate. They soon became best friends and are almost always seen together. Still, they do have their disagreements. For example, in Anger Management, Quinn let Lola eat a whole bowl of peanuts, even though they were in her mouth. Also, in Hands on a Blix Van, Lola kissed Quinn's boyfriend, Mark Del Figgalo, in order to snap her out of her laughing fit, resulting in a full out brawl between. They're always there for each other and even with their budding personalities they manage to be Zoey's closest confidants. Even if Quinn is super sciency, they still make perfect friends.

Nicole Bristow (Good Friends)


Nicole Bristow, Lola's best friend and roommate

Nicole was the second person Lola met at PCA and her second roommate. Lola and Nicole almost always got along and never fell out. Lola helped Nicole get over her obsession of boys and work on her school work more by hypnotizing her. Nicole and Lola became good friends and supported each other throughout Season 2 And would Both Wear Flipflops Together Throughout the Season. When Nicole left, she still kept in contact with Lola and they remained friends while Nicole was at Malibu Girls School.

Michael Barret (Best Friends)

Michael was one of Lola's best friends during her time at PCA. They became good friends and supported each other all through Season 2, Season 3 and Season 4. They never argued and got along all the time. In the season 2 episode, Lola Likes Chase, Michael said she was hot. Then he said she was smokin'. Also, in Bad Girl, Michael thought Lola liked him. As it would appear, Lola is closer with Michael and Chase than she is with Dustin and Logan.

James Garrett (Good Friends, Former Crush)

Lola grew a crush on James when she met him but was okay with him dating Zoey. Lola and James became good friends and never had a fall out.

Logan Reese (Best Friends)

Lola and Logan got along a lot after they had met and only had some disagreements during the series. He was one of her best friends and Logan thought she was hot.

Rebecca (Enemies)

Lola disliked Rebecca since she threatened Zoey and they have both disliked each other during Rebecca and Zoey's fights and arguments. After Rebecca was expelled she and Lola still disliked each other.


Little is known about Lola's relationship with her parents but she probably gets along with them very well, she and her parents are very close and her parents are happy with her life at PCA.


Lola is present for 50 episodes out of 65 total throughout the series. She doesn't appear at all in Season 1 and isn't introduced until Season 2 "Back To P.C.A.." Lola is absent for Season 2 "Haunted House," and Season 3 "PCA Confidential," but she appears in flashbacks from Season 2 since she doesn't appear in Season 1. Alongside Zoey, Michael, Quinn and Logan, Lola is present for all 13 episodes in Season 4, and also appears in all four Zoey 101 TV movies.


Victoria justice

Victoria Justice

Lola was portrayed by American actress Victoria Justice. Victoria was born in Hollywood, Florida and started her career by guest starring in shows such as Gillmore Girls, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and made her first film called Mary where she played Stella. Victoria is also a singer and starred in the musical movie for Nickelodeon, Spectacular!. After Zoey 101, she starred in her own show Victorious, another Schneider's Bakery production, as the main character Tori Vega.

An interesting note is Justice's character Tori on Victorious also has a knack for acting.


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