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Logan Resse
Character Statistics
Full Name: Logan Reese
Gender: Male
Birthday: October 22nd, 1990
Ethnicity: Pacific Islander/Caucasian
Occupation: Student
Former Sushi Rox Deliverer
Favorite Color: Black ⚫
Affiliation: Pacific Coast Academy
Sushi Rox (formerly)
Nickname: Pretty Boy (by Dustin and Dana)
Richie Rich (by Michael)
Logo (by Vince)
Hometown: Beverly Hills, California
Reason: Series ended
Brothers: Unnamed older brother
Sisters: Unnamed younger sister
Mother: Unnamed mother
Multiple unnamed stepmothers
Father: Malcolm Reese
Girlfriend: Quinn Pensky
Date: Stacey Dillsen (prom date)
Dana Cruz (dance date)
Friends: Chase Matthews
Quinn Pensky
Nicole Bristow
Dana Cruz
Lola Martinez
James Garrett
Zoey Brooks (sometimes)
Michael Barret
Dustin Brooks
Nemesis: Vince Blake(formerly)
Dana Cruz(sometimes)
Production Info
Portrayed by: Matthew Underwood
First Appearance: Welcome to PCA
Last Appearance: Chasing Zoey

Logan Roland Reese (Matthew Underwood) is a main character on Zoey 101 and was part of the cast for all four seasons. He was born very rich to a famous TV and movie producer, Malcolm Reese. He's the best friend and roommate of Chase Matthews and Michael Barret, close friends with Zoey Brooks, Lola Martinez, Nicole Bristow, and Dana Cruz, and the boyfriend of Quinn Pensky.

He is bullied by a lot of characters.



Logan was born to Malcolm Reese. His birth mother and any siblings remains unknown. Logan grew up in an extremely wealthy family, and is often spoiled and given oodles of money by his father. In Zoey's Tutor, it's revealed that when Logan was a kid he used to spend the summer at his home and was forced to learn chemistry from his grandfather who was a chemistry professor. In the movie "Spring Break-Up", it's also revealed that he has a beach house in Santa Barbara.


Logan is often very arrogant and self-absorbed. He's considered a flirtatious jerk by many students and likes to take pictures of himself and autograph them to give to girls at PCA. Logan constantly refers to himself as being attractive and condescends to others. He also enjoys being active and making out with girls. He is portrayed to have a crush on Zoey on numerous occasions, including "Broadcast Views", where he flirts and asks her to make out, until he starts dating one of Zoey's best friends and roommate, Quinn Pensky. Despite being confident that every girl he likes is attracted to him, he is fairly sexist towards women. In Broadcast Views, and Welcome to PCA, he showed a strong reluctance to let females join the basketball team. Logan is also inconsiderate and insensitive towards other feelings. In Roller Coaster, Logan reveals Michael's secret about having a fear of roller coaster to the entire school and feels no guilt or regret about his actions whatsoever. Additionally, in Lola Likes Chase, Logan gave Dustin a makeover by cutting the sleeves off of his shirt and by styling Dustin's hair like Logan's. Also Logan corrupted Dustin into acting rude and snobbish like him so Dustin would attract girls. In Anger Management, because Dustin was slacking in his duties for Logan, Logan left an extremely angry and hateful voicemail on Dustin's cellphone.

Logan's dad gave him money for all of the appliances in the boys' dorm room, and also for whatever Logan wanted to buy. In School Dance he and Dana Cruz where matched during a personality test. He once hid a camera in a teddy bear to spy on the girls' lounge in Season 1. He thinks he's the best-looking guy on campus. He's very stuck up and full of himself. He's portrayed as being a dumb person when it comes to school, spending money and street smarts on many occasion, but it's revealed in one episode that he's very gifted in Chemistry, smart enough to tutor Zoey. This is due to being taught every summer as a child by his grandfather, a chemistry professor at a nearby college.

Despite being so stuck up, Logan is not truly a bad person, and although selfish and arrogant, he does care about his friends, and will come through for them when they need him to. In Goodbye Zoey, Logan and Michael helped Chase admit how much he missed and loved Zoey. Logan ripped the head off a stuffed giraffe Zoey gave him, showing that he does care for Chase and wishes him to be happy. Subsequently, Chase attacked Logan, although Logan forgave him.

In Season 4, he and Quinn become boyfriend and girlfriend, but keep it a secret. Logan seemed to become nicer since he started dating Quinn. In the episode "Coffee Cart Ban", he and Quinn have their first disagreement. In the finale, "Chasing Zoey", he and Quinn announce their relationship in public at prom.

Skills and abilities

Logan is very athletic, having participated in multiple sports. He was on the basketball team in season 1, and also plays it for recreation. He was also on the football team in season 3. He likes to go swimming and play water basketball as well. Logan also frequently works out and exercises. In Lola Likes Chase, he reveals that during the week, he does workouts involving biceps, triceps, and abdominal muscles.

Logan possesses the uncanny ability to (usually) attract other girls he likes. Throughout the series, Logan is shown to have gone out with a plethora of girls at PCA.


Michael Barret (Best Friends)

Main article: Michael-Logan Friendship

Along with Chase, Logan is best friends and roommates with Michael. Despite Logan's jerk personally, Logan always has Michael and Chase's back when needed.

Chase Matthews (Best Friends)

Main article: Chase-Logan Friendship

Along with Michael, Logan is best friends and roommates with Chase. He even helped him admit that he misses Zoey and loves her as shown in Goodbye Zoey, where Logan ripped the head off a stuffed giraffe Zoey gave him, showing that he does care for Chase and wishes him to be happy.

Zoey Brooks (Good Friends)

Main article: Zoey-Logan Friendship

Despite Logan's jerk personally and asking Zoey to make out with him, He and Zoey get along well and has each other's back. In Prank Week, the prank war almost resulted in Zoey being expelled from PCA only for Logan to pull a prank and claim all the guys had done it forcing Mr. Bradford to let Zoey stay (because he couldn't expel everyone), and in Wrestling, after Zoey was injured fighting Chuck Javers, Logan went to confront him only to wind up heavily bruised for his efforts. Logan was also visibly saddened in Goodbye Zoey when it looked like Zoey would leave PCA.

Lola Martinez (Good Friends)

Despite a few arguments, Lola and Logan seem to respect each other and hang out a lot with the rest of the gang.

Nicole Bristow (Good Friends)

Along with the other girls, Logan met Nicole at the basketball game in the first episode. Despite, Logan's selfishness can cause arguments between them, they remained friends and hung out together at Sushi Rox and other places.

Dana Cruz (Frenemy, Dance Date)

Dana and Logan fought a lot during Dana's time at the school and would usually insult each other whenever they see each other but also got along on several occasions. They are both on the Disc Golf Team and Basketball Team together. In the episode School Dance, Logan suggested he wanted to make out with her and she almost kissed him on the dance floor, but stomped on his foot as a trick.

Quinn Pensky (Frenemy, Later Girlfriend)

Main article: Quinn-Logan Relationship

In the start of the show, especially Season 1, Quinn and Logan did not like each other as Quinn found him to be a jerk and Logan found her to be very weird and freaky. This changed later on in Season 2 where despite a few arguments like in Robot Wars, Quinn and Logan seemed to be in better terms as shown in Bad Girl. In season 3, they are shown to hang out a lot more and are even shown to be on the same side (as seen in The Radio and The Curse of PCA) and unlike the first and second season, arguments appeared less and are more friendly based.

The relationship between the two changed in the Season 4 episode Quinn Misses the Mark when Logan kisses Quinn. For the rest of the series, they tried to hide the fact that they were dating; however, when they inadvertently revealed this to Michael in Walk-a-Thon, he didn't believe them, as he thought the idea was ridiculous. In Dinner For Two Many, they attempted to go on a date at Vaccaro, but when Zoey and James went to the exact same place, they were forced to pretend they both just happened to be there. In Chasing Zoey, they decided to go to the prom with someone else to hide their dating, with Logan going with Stacey Dillsen and Quinn going with Dustin Brooks. However, when Stacey tried to kiss Logan, Logan revealed to the entire school that he loved Quinn, and their relationship became public.


Logan is present for 60 episodes out of 65 total throughout the series. He is absent for Season 1 "Defending Dustin," "Quinn's Date," "Spring Fling," and "Backpack," and Season 3 "PCA Confidential," but appears in flashbacks from Seasons 1 and 2. Logan is present for all 13 episodes in both Seasons 2 and 4, and appears in all four Zoey 101 TV movies. He did appear in "Zoey's Balloon" but only appeared in two scenes and had no lines.


  • His last appearance is in Chasing Zoey.
  • He and Dana Cruz were originally supposed to date (as hinted by their belligerent sexual tension) until she was written out of the show and Quinn took over the role as Logan's love interest.
  • It is stated in Quinn Misses The Mark that he has multiple stepmothers.
  • He is similar to Drake Parker from Drake and Josh.


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