The Legend of Charles L. Galloway is the fictional legend that centers the plot of The Curse of PCA. Legend has it that sometime fifty years ago, the episode is set in 2007, so possibly 1957, a student at PCA named Charles L.Galloway was in the middle of a difficult test in PCA's most hostile teacher Mr. Hodges' class when he went berserk. As a result of his outburst, Charles ran away up into the Santa Monica Mountains near PCA and never came back to the academy. Search parties were sent out to look for him but Charles was never found. He ended up dying in a place called Red Stone Gulch in the mountains he ran away to. How he died is a mystery. He seemed to be psychotic because of the fact that he lost his mind just because of a test. Or he could of had more troublesome things on his mind at the time of the test and the test made him snap.