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Drippin' Episode!
Season 3, Episode 19
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David Kendall


Arthur Gradstein

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October 21, 2007

Episode Chronology

The Curse of PCA


Son of a Dean

Drippin' Episode! is the nineteenth episode in Season 3 and the 45th overall episode in the Nickelodeon TV series, Zoey 101. It is the 17th episode of Season 3 in streaming and production order. The episode aired on October 21, 2007.


Michael tries to introduce his new slang word, "drippin'," which means "Good. Awesome. Sweet." Logan gets a horror movie called Shinnyuusha. Evidently, Dustin freaks out from watching this movie and stays with the girls overnight. The girls learn that Dustin was only scared for the first night and that he stayed for a couple of more nights because he missed hanging out with Zoey. After he tells Zoey the truth, she gives him a hug. Lola and Quinn who were waiting out in the hallway join the two, crying and saying Dustin can stay with them. Dustin's only response is "Can't breathe."

Meanwhile, the guys’ dorm encounters a new problem – the fire alarm goes off at night. In the end, it turns out it was Logan's illegal J-Phone from Japan that was setting off the fire alarm.

By the time anyone has caught on to drippin', Chase and Logan deny that Michael invented the word (just to annoy him, presumably because Michael annoyed the two with "drippin'"), so Michael invents a another new slang term, "flump," which means "not good" or "bad."


  • The movie title, Shinnyuusha, means 'trespasser' in Japanese.
  • Shane Harper from Dance on Sunset and later Good Luck Charlie appeared in this episode as the boy that delivers the message to Zoey when Dustin is at Dean Rivers' office wanting to go home.
  • This is the first time Dustin has been involved in an episode's main plot since the season 2 episode Bad Girl.
  • Going by production order, this is the 17th episode of Season 3.
  • This is the third time that Logan gets beaten up this season.
  • In this episode, the fire alarm sounds different than it did in People Auction. The fire alarm sound exactly like on the Josh is Done episode of Drake & Josh and in the iWanna Stay With Spencer episode of iCarly.
  • On DVD releases, the episode is simply called Drippin'.

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  • On the third night the fire alarm went off, the clock in the boys' room showed the time to be 3:38am. Yet in the scene after it, the girls are shown to be up playing a board game with Dustin, before Lola and Quinn lie about having to go and brush their teeth, in order to allow Zoey to be able to talk to Dustin alone. It seems unlikely that the girls would have stayed up so long playing board games, so the scene with Dustin and the girls must have happened before the fire alarm went off, not after it.




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