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Zoey and Chase during the Hands on a Blix Van contest

Blix is the name of a fictional popular drink at PCA. It is drunk by many of the students there, and there are numerous flavors. It is a parody of Gatorade. In Hands on a Blix Van, Lola, Zoey, Chase, Logan, Michael, Lisa, and Stacey all compete to keep their hands on the van, in order to win. Zoey wins at the very end, tricking Logan.

A leftover Blix machine can be spotted several times in the background of Dan Schneider's series Victorious.


  • Blix is possibly a parody of the real life drink, Gatorade
  • A Blix machine is visible in the background of episode 20 of season 1 of iCarly
  • Two Blix bottles appear as lost and found items from the Game Shakers episode, Lost Jacket, Falling Pigeons.
  • Blix is known seen on Jake and Hudson and Gracey 101
    Zoey 101- The Complete 2nd Season
  • Blix can be seen in the background of a Girl Meets World episode
  • Possible flavors range from Sea Breeze, Orange, and Strawberry
    Blix drink
    Jake and Hudson Blix

    Hudson with Blix on Jake and Hudson

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