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Season 1, Episode 10
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Savage Steve Holland


Dan Schneider

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April 3, 2005

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Backpack is the tenth episode in Season 1 and the tenth overall episode in the Nickelodeon TV series Zoey 101. The episode aired on April 3, 2005.


When Nicole gets excited about the goo-pops that the PCA bookstore had just started selling, she accidentally squirts the goo-pop into a PCA backpack while trying to open it. When they couldn't get the goo stain out, Nicole was forced to buy the backpack using the money she and Zoey have left. When Nicole throws the ruined backpack into the trash, Zoey re-designed it and gave it back to Nicole, who loves her modified backpack. This makes Zoey's designs popular at PCA, especially when she re-designs Chase's backpack with a "guys version" of what she did to Nicole's. This earns her the attention of Stacy, a girl who works for the school paper, who takes pictures of Zoey's designs after overhearing the students suggest that Zoey should start selling backpacks with her design on it.

Later, Stacy is seen selling backpacks to students, with designs stolen from Zoey. When Zoey and the gang confront her, she denies this and shuns the group. Later, they hear that the PCA bookstore is planning to sell Stacy's backpacks, with Stacy getting more than 90% of the profits. At the same time, Chase struggles with his backpack carrying so much books it hurts his shoulders, and Michael, having to stick earphones in his ear to listen to an MP3 player with 30,000 songs downloaded, complains about it starting to hurt his ears.

As Stacy was about to close the deal with the bookstore, the gang invites the store owner to take a look at Zoey's new backpacks, which apparently has new features such as a back massager and an MP3 player. This makes Stacy's unoriginal backpack idea instantly lame, and the bookstore owner closes a deal with Zoey instead. However, instead of taking money off the profits, Zoey requested for a jukebox for the girls' lounge to replace an old, broken radio.

Meanwhile, Quinn tries to crossbreed the banana and the apple to create a banapple tree. Wanting the growth process of the fruits to go smoothly, Quinn made sure her tree is protected by building a robot scarecrow that zaps anything that comes close to the fruits or the tree. However, when the fruit ripens, it turned out to be a disaster when the fruit apparently doesn't taste good, and the juice is a powerful acid that can melt anything, burning the seat off Stacy's bike when Quinn was demonstrating the effects to Zoey and Chase.

Episode Trivia

  • Paul Butcher (Dustin Brooks) and Matthew Underwood (Logan Reese) do not appear in this episode.
    • Even though Dustin doesn't appear in the episode, if you look closely when kids are in line to get a backpack from Stacy, one of the kids looks like him.
  • The girl who played Stacy (Allison Scagliotti) played Mindy on Drake & Josh.
  • This is the second episode where one of Quinn's inventions does something unfortunate to somebody at the end of it. The first episode was "Prank Week."
  • When Zoey is reading the school newspaper, she starts reading the back upside down.
  • Starting with this episode, Dana is shown a lot less rather than usual. It could be a sign that she was leaving.
  • When Chase reads a Teen Girl magazine, he asks Michael the 2nd question about your best friend borrowing your lip gloss without asking. Chase says the options "(A) Get a new best friend. (B) Push her down a flight of stairs." Before Chase can say "C," Zoey says Option B doesn't exist. This may be a proven fact she's already read the magazine before.
  • While Chase is looking at the radio in the girls' lounge, Michael takes a CD off of a shelf and walks away with it without asking if he can use it.

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  • Zoey is always complaining about not having that much money, yet she's able to buy dozens of backpacks, and she's able to put massagers and radios in them.





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