Carl Rivers (Christopher Murray) also known as Dean Rivers, is the Dean of PCA. He is married, and spends a lot of money on video games. He can be very stubborn and unsupportive at times. He and Zoey often have different ideas on things, like vending machines. His full name, as shown in "Spring Fling", was "Charles W. Rivers" on a sign next to Dana that is seen after the girls ask Dean Rivers about putting up a fund-raiser. However, in "Quinn's Alpaca", his wife called him Carl (although that could just be his nickname, as Carl is short for Charles). He likes lions, but was attacked by one in "Fake Roommate." He's also a former student at PCA (back when it was still a boys-only school) and was on the boys' golf team in high school, during which he won the PCA golf tournament during his senior year.

He and his wife have at least three children: a son named Lance Rivers (who briefly dated Zoey) and two unnamed daughters, one of whom is apparently married, because Dean Rivers mentioned in The Great Vince Blake that he has a son-in-law who got him a miniature-sized pool table for his office.